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The license plate plant was the first internal UCI operation at Utah State Prison. The inmates who make license plates at UCI call themselves the “Plate Busters.” UCI produces all of the plates for the State of Utah including Ski Utah, Centennial, trailers, transporters, dealers, special plates, and the past Olympic plate.

Working for one of the most efficient operations in UCI, these inmates produce almost one million plates a year in two-dozen different formats. Besides standard vehicle plates, UCI inmates also make apportioned truck plates, motorcycle and trailer plates. The most commonly produced plates are: “Ski Utah,” and “Utah Centennial.” When Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics, UCI made the “Utah 2002 Olympics” plates. Any of these plates can be personalized by adding your choice of letters and numbers. Personalized plates must be special ordered from the Tax Commission. Many specialized plates are also available including: “Collegiate,” with your choice of state college logos; “Armed Forces” logos; “Fish and Game,” where you choose animals or nature scenes for your plate; and “Radio,” which displays your ham radio license number.

UCI offers souvenir motorcycle size license plates to the public! Contact us at (801) 522-7931 to place your order today.


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  • Forklift operation
  • Heavy machinery operation
  • Strong work ethics
  • Quality control
  • Safety practices
  • Teamwork
  • Heavy machinery operator
  • Forklift operator
  • Manufacturing employee

Offenders with the UCI Plate Plant develop the skills necessary to run plate presses, cutter presses, forklifts, an un-coiler, a roller-coater, and a plate packager. A strong work ethic is another primary focus for offenders in our shop. Offenders don’t just come to work at 7:00 am, they come in and provide a quality days work.

The attention to detail needed to provide the state of Utah with the product(s) they want ensures that our offenders work efficiently and effectively. Our focus on well-defined safety practices is paramount in preventing injury and keeping our operation running smoothly and successfully.

Since the UCI Plate Plant is set up in assembly line fashion, the desire and ability to work as a team is an absolute necessity. If any individual person or section falters, the entire line behind them is affected. This cohesive mindset will also help our offenders thrive in their careers once they return to society.

As we are the only plate plant in the state, our offenders won’t go on to work in the exact same field when they are released. However, there are a number of other industries that utilize presses in their daily operations.

Additionally, the knowledge gained from working with our heavy machinery will be valuable in a number of companies throughout the Salt Lake valley.