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  • State Contract – Data Entry, Document Scanning & Micrographics Services UCI 1869

The UCI Scanning operation is able to convert documents of any type or size in “better than before” condition and copy to CD or DVD for reference, updating and archiving. UCI scans and records tens of thousands pages of these various documents annually.

Inmate workers can scan virtually any hard copy documents, blueprints, maps, photos, slides, microfilm, etc. We feature a wide variety of image formats, including Tiff, JPEG and PDF.

UCI provides high-contrast black-and-white or grayscale scanned raster images from original or blueprint drawings. In the process, UCI edits raster images, performing the cleanup of illegible text, unclear line work and other imperfections due to poor source materials or scanner limitations. UCI can add additional information to the images, such as building changes or modifications that would be deemed vital in the archiving of building and engineering data.


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  • Computer literacy (AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Land Desktop, AutoCAD MAP and Revit programs, Capture Perfect and Adobe Professional)
  • Data entry
  • Research assistant
  • Office clerk
  • Records technician
  • Word processor/typist